Simplifying your web design will help you to win against all the competitors. There so many different kind of websites nowadays, all in different design, different layout, different format. But let me tell you, at the end of the day, all of the websites are only having one same goal, which is deliver the message to the audience, it just about using different method to create a unique feature to stay longer in audience mind.

Special is what stands out, no matter the design is good or bad, both will leave an impression to people’s mind. The thing is, you can leave the design in people’s mind, but how to make it stay on their mind permanently in a positive perspective?

First thing you need to do focus is the tone of the colour you used in your website. Web Design Malaysia is all about different colour and design. Before design, it requires colour first right? There are no specific colour to use on certain area in your website. But one advice for you, the larger the area occupied in your website, the more recommended to use lighter colour, it will be more soothing to stare longer period of time.

There are many website uses “fading effect”, do you recognize mostly they will use a lighter tone for that? In colour psychology perspective, darker colour or bright colour gives off a warning and sirens vibes and it does remind people to focus and pay special attention to it. Let us use Chanel official website as an example. Chanel website will only use black and white for their web design. Black and white could also represent classy and high standards to people.

Next, show your standards. Standardize your fonts size. Do not make it over fancy and oversize. Make sure the size of the fonts is fixed in same category such as the title of the content, the headings, and descriptions. According to the fonts psychology, usually website will be using a slightly larger fonts compare to those normal social platforms.

Your website needs to be strategically well-planned before its officially launched. Make sure everything is able to be seen without needing audience to use their finger and pinch for focus. Simple is the key.

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