Web Design Malaysia agencies note that the designs that would be chosen for the site should follow the function of the site itself due to the fact that no matter how well or interesting the design of the final result, should the design be unable to convey the content then it would be considered unsuccessful. This article will cover one example of how a simple design allows a website to continue to be successful and how to explain how the design of the site and placement of the content translates to an effective readability score. The factors that will be explored on will be about Wikipedia’s simple web design, the font and language used on the website and the placement of the content of each page.
Wikipedia’s design is a simple format that remains largely unchanged in order to help provide a relative and easy identification to users who will often the site to look for information and references. It’s designs are structured in a tabled manner and it has not changed since its birth in 2001 with the most of visual changes being made to help with readability.

The design also requires that the content be readable and understandable as many of the users wouldn’t not be able to understand the language using a much more unreadable and fancy font should they not speak the english language as their first. The design also supports other languages that allow the users to pick and gain the information that they wish using the language that they understand.

Finally, the content of the page and the placement of it also shows how it grabs the attention of the reader and makes them continue reading through. The page begins with a summarized blurb of the contents of the page which will then be explained in defined sections on the page.

To conclude, Wikipedia’s design shows the simplicity that continues to be effective even after all the websites that attempt to emulate the purpose and function of the site. It continues to be one of the few sites that has continued to flourish after being online for 18 years.

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