Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool to help the business to growth in terms of profit and awareness. SEO Malaysia helps the business to improve in website traffic by helping the website to be more transparent in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). People will search a specific answer in many ways, some use image search, video search, news search, map search, finance search, flights search, books search and shopping search.

SEO marketing launch in the year around 1997, it was after the year 1991 which is the web search engine has officially launched to the market. According to what the author of search engine land, Bob Heyman had said, the manager of the rock band, Jefferson Starship are part of the helper of the SEO.

In the digital marketing world, SEO are considered as the computer programmed algorithms which rule the searching behaviour of the people as we know that people will search any information through different keyword. One of the differences between SEO and the local SEO is that SEO focus more on the business website. It is depending on the business of the website aim on either the national or the international searches.

“High ranking” is still considered as a very fresh concept in the 90s century. Before SEO name been officially confirm, there are many different type of name replacing the actual “search engine optimization” such as search engine ranking, search engine registration, search engine promotion, search engine positioning and search engine placement.

In year 2000, Google Toolbar available in the year of 2000. During this period of time, it still required of exchanging email for further proceed. Google Toolbar then available in the Internet Explorer which allow SEO practitioners to be able to see their ranking on the PageRank.

Most of the website will consider SEO practices to help the business to grow rapidly among the competitors. Over the past 20 years since the official launched of SEO, there are many success business story of using SEO tool to achieve a marvellous result in their business.

Till today, SEO Malaysia are constantly evolving by following the flow instant gratification of technology advancement in order to become better in order to provide a better service in the future.

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