Do you know what is the difference between web design and web development? Web design Malaysia will be in charge and taking responsible for the overall performance of the website by ensuring the design of your website are all well decorated. Web design Malaysia will be the one who carries out the advertising activities design, prototyping design, assist in creating a brand new page by designing and many more.

A “good enough” web designer will be able to impress you with their web designing skill and so does the audience. Therefore, choosing the right web designer for your website is very important as it affects the overall image.

On the other side, web development will be in charge of the given design task from the web designer by using the front-end technology skills to encode the web page. Do not expect web development to give you an impressive web design because web designer is the one who going to be in charge of your website’s design.

Web designer will be in charge of the coding part as well to gives a better design experience to the customer. Do not overlook the power of coding as it will impact the overall web design and to get better cooperation. The most important elements in the website such as the overall graphic design, web layout, logo design, CTA button, wireframes, colour and wording are basically the most important in a website are all controlled by web design Malaysia.

Web development will help to do a routine maintenance of your website and they are the one that will be working with the languages programme in order to create a better interaction such as the integration with the database system while the web design will be the controlling one to control your visual experience, the way the it function and conversion of the design of your website.

In a nutshell, web design and web development are different even though many of the people may misunderstood they are the same. So, choose wisely which one to hire to “replenish” your web page.

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